Understanding and Responding to Modern Slavery within the Homelessness Sector

Report by The Passage, commissioned by the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner. Homelessness organisations and anti-slavery organisations have both been aware of links between modern slavery and homelessness, yet there has been little research into how these issues overlap and impact on one another. An initial scoping exercise was, therefore, commissioned in 2016 by the UK’s Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland OBE, to

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Combating modern slavery experienced by Vietnamese nationals en route to, and within, the UK

A publication by the Independent Anti-Salvery Commissioner. In 2016 the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner (IASC) commissioned research to examine the dynamics of Vietnamese nationals’ exploitation en route to, and within, the United Kingdom (UK). The research took a mixed method approach and included analysis of National Crime Agency (NCA) National Referral Mechanism (NRM) data, NRM files for 75 Vietnamese victims who

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Trafficking Survivor Care Standards

A booklet on Trafficking Care Standards produced by The Human Trafficking Foundation. These proposed standards aim to improve service provision by ensuring that adult survivors of trafficking consistently receive high quality care wherever they are in the UK. This booklet intends to provide a flexible framework with guiding principles and practical recommendations that support agencies can incorporate into their own

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